A hard-driving team of experienced professionals bring METRO-TRAC to the forefront of a fast paced industry. We offer a diverse range of services with one common denominator... RESULTS! Watch as our operatives extract the most sensitive of details that you need to close your claims, quickly and thoroughly.
Investigative Services

Background Investigations
Insurance Claims Investigations
Witness Location
Expert Interviewing
Process Serving
Covert Operations
Cold Case Investigation
Infidelity Surveillance

About Us

J.A. Dunbar, has over 25 years of law enforcement, security, and investigative experience. He has attended hundreds of hours of specialized training across the United States, all from accredited State and Federal training agencies. This diverse culmination of knowledge, places his team on the cutting edge of success. Specializing in "challenging assignments," his operatives can bring closure to your claims in all geographic and demographic conditions.

Photography Services

Critical Incident Photography
Crime Scene and Evidentiary Photography
Covert Photography
Event Photography
Photographic Restoration and Enhancement
Advertising Photography
Real Estate Photography

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